Bosswell 6678 Bosswell Universal 4 Way Flat Y-Splitter Plug & Play Adapter Extension Harness for LED Tailgate Light Bar and Trailer Lights


Fits for all trailer light bars, tailgate LED lights, etc.
Perfect Y-Connector
Heavy Duty Trailer Splitter
Premium insulating silicone material
Flexible, durable and waterproof


Product Description

Bosswell Y-splitter harness is designed to fit for trailer light bars, tailgate LED lights or any other use.
It contains one male and two female connectors in one combo that allows you to power 2 led lights once,
super convenient and practical!

1. 2-Way Y-Splitter Harness, Special Design to Fit For Trailer LED Lights, Tailgate Light Bars and Other Use
2. 17.5″ Long Wiring Harness with 9″ of each Male Flat 4 Pin Connector and 2 Female Flat 4 Pin Connectors
3. Premium Insulating Silicone Housing, Worry-free About Wiring Safety, Super Flexible and Durable
4. Play-N-Play, Fits ALL Types of Trailers, Helping to Extend Your Original One Without Splicing New Wires
5. What You Get: 1x 4 Pin Trailer Y-Splitter, Free Lifetime Technical Support, Plus Friendly Aftermarket Services

1. Type: Y-splitter
2. Voltage: 12V
3. Harness Length: 17.5″
4. Material: Silicone Hosing
5. Net Weight: 90g/0.20lb/3.17oz
6. Connector: 1 4pin Male & 2 4pin Female Connectors