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AEL Industry Inc., specializes in Bi-colour lighting products at automotive  can enhance the safety and dress up the vehicle  BOSSWELL is our  premier brand, focus  on quality and design. Continuously  we try to introduce innovative and enhanced products in markets.

A  new line of Lighted Hitch Covers, Logo Emblems with auto manufacturer logos and auto license frame are available from BOSSWELL. In the auto aftermarket industry, these one of a kind, officially licensed, newly patented, Lighted Hitch Covers, Emblems and license frame  gives auto enthusiasts a way to customize their own vehicle with auto manufacturer branding for the first time.

The lighted Hitch Covers and Emblems were an award winning product that received “Best in Category-Cool Cars” award at the November 2010 and 2011 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX). The award recognizes new products that are unique, fun to use and enhance the driving experience.

The one of a kind Lighted Hitch Covers and Lighted Logo Emblems and License frame are available in Ford, Ram, GMC, Jeep and the Chevy Bow-Tie. The hitch covers and emblems appear as standard logo covers by day and illuminate at night, when the vehicle brakes and with use of the hazard lights for defence  driving.

Deck out your vehicle and personalize your style with these new “light up” BOSSWELL products..